It’s time to bring back flights to London City Airport from Dundee.

BRING BACK FLIGHTS TO LONDON CITY AIRPORT (1).pngNext week the tendering process for the route from Dundee Airport to London comes to a close.

Like many people in Dundee, I remember the disappointment when flights to London City Airport ended in 2014. Since then, the number of passengers travelling through Dundee Airport to London each year has dropped from over 50,000 to just 21,000.

The return of flights to London City Airport would give Dundonians a quick and direct route right to the heart of London, which will also be great not just for business and tourism coming to Dundee, but for Dundonians looking to travel to London and beyond.

If you agree with me, please sign the petition below and support the bid to bring back flights to London City Airport!

The Office of Chris Law MP will only hold your personal details for the length of the petition. We will not use your details for any other purpose than registering your support for the petition.


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